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Duodenal Jejunostomy Bypass City Name, ST

Duodenal Jejunostomy

If you are overweight and struggle with weight loss, you may also be familiar with the issues that accompany your condition. This includes heart disease, high cholesterol and sleep apnea. A duodenal jejunostomy bypass may be your weight loss solution that will also solve associated symptoms.

A duodenal jejunostomy bypass works by reattaching the small intestine to the stomach further along the digestive tract. As the small intestine is intrinsic in the absorption of calories from food consumed, the bypassing of this portion means fewer calories are taken in by the body. This can be a significant aid to weight loss. This abdominal & gastrointestinal procedure has several advantages over other weight loss surgery in that the stomach is left entirely intact, foreign objects are introduced to the body (such as with gastric band surgery) and no ‘blind loops’ are created. This means that the entire gastro-intestinal tract can be observed with an endoscopy.

Critically, a duodenal jejunostomy bypass will not produce the ‘dumping syndrome’ side effect, which is common in other kinds of gastric bypass surgeries. You should not experience diarrhea, nausea, light headedness and fatigue. Research suggests that a duodenal jejunostomy bypass may even alter hormones in the digestive system, and that diabetic patients who have undergone the procedure have experienced better results than from diet and exercise alone.

In Safe Hands with Dr. Shouhed

While the results of a duodenal jejunotomy bypass are undoubtedly impressive, it can be stressful to consider undergoing surgery as a weight loss solution. Dr. Shouhed understands these concerns and seeks to educate all his patients on their options so he can tailor a solution to the individual. Should you decide to proceed with surgery, Dr. Shouhed’s thoroughness and attention to detail mean you will feel like family from the beginning to the end of the procedure and can anticipate excellent results.

If you wish to experience a new lease on life away from the struggles of weight gain, contact Dr. Shouhed at his Los Angeles practice today, for a comprehensive and compassionate consultation.

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