Bariatric surgery has been used for several decades for effective treatment of obesity. The methods and techniques used for weight loss surgery have changed drastically, improving the safety and effectiveness of this weight loss tool. Unfortunately, there are many myths being spread by uninformed individuals about bariatric surgery that are untrue. Here are five myths about weight loss surgery that need to be debunked.

1. Bariatric Patients are Taking the Easy Way Out

Bariatric surgery is far from easy. Patients need to embrace a new way of eating to obtain the results they want. Weight loss surgery is a tool to lose a significant amount in a shorter period of time, but it requires hard work and lifestyle changes by the patient to achieve.

2. Most Bariatric Patients Gain All Their Weight Back

There is always someone who knows someone who had weight loss surgery and gained some or all their weight back. While this is possible, it is not the majority of patients. In fact, most bariatric patients have maintained at least 50% of their weight loss after five years.

3. Bariatric Surgery Will Result in Loose Skin

Anyone who loses a significant amount of weight, regardless of the method, can have loose skin after weight loss. Some bariatric patients may experience loose skin, but many do not. It depends on how much weight they lose, genetics, age, exercise and many contributing factors, just like those that lose weight through diet and exercise alone.

4. Bariatric Patients Have Large Surgical Scars

In decades past, weight loss surgery did require a larger incision across the abdomen. However, many bariatric surgeries are now performed laparoscopically with only tiny incisions and minimal scarring.

5. All Bariatric Patients Have Complications

Weight loss surgery, like all surgeries, does come with risks, but having an experienced bariatric surgeon and following the post-surgery recommendations can greatly reduce risks. Dr. Shouhed has one of the lowest complication rates of bariatric surgeons in the country.

Bariatric surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass are incredible tools to help people lose excess weight and regain their health. If you have struggled with obesity and want to learn the facts about bariatric surgery, contact the office of Dr. Danny Shouhed in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.