Bariatric surgery has been used for over 50 years to fight obesity. One of the newer procedures that has evolved from gastric bypass and other bariatric procedures is sleeve gastrectomy. This surgery removes up to 80% of the stomach but does not change the intestines or digestive tract like many other bariatric procedures. While the sleeve does reduce the stomach size, one of the biggest benefits is how it impacts the hormones and metabolism, giving the patient a reset and second chance to achieve a healthy weight.

A sleeve gastrectomy is usually performed laparoscopically through 4-5 small incisions in the abdomen. Dr. Danny Shouhed can perform this procedure robotically, carefully stapling the stomach to create a banana-shaped pouch, removing the larger, bottom portion. This creates a much smaller stomach, restricting how much food can be consumed at a time, but it also changes other aspects of the patient’s metabolism.

Reduced Ghrelin Production

Ghrelin is known as the hunger hormone and the majority of it is made within the stomach. The portion of the stomach that is removed during the sleeve procedure produces the majority of ghrelin. Most patients notice a significant difference in their hunger due to less of this hormone, helping them make healthier choices for their food consumption.

Another change that occurs with the sleeve is a higher production of leptin, which increases the feeling of fullness and satiety. Combined with less ghrelin, patients are able to eat much less and feel satisfied, reducing their calories.

Metabolism And Set Point Changes

With changes in the hormones and stomach that come with sleeve gastrectomy, patients are able to reset their metabolism and set point. While their metabolism may have fought losing weight before surgery, even on a restricted calorie diet, this new reset can help weight fall off faster and keep it off longer.

Many of Dr. Shouhed’s sleeve gastrectomy patients have lost well over 100 pounds with fantastic improvements to their overall health and appearance. If you have struggled with losing weight and want to reset your metabolism and health, contact us at the practice of Danny Shouhed, MD in Los Angeles, CA. We can schedule a bariatric surgery consultation to determine if the sleeve procedure is right for you.