When you have a gastrointestinal illness, you want access to the best care. When your condition is not responding to conservative treatments like medication, you need a surgeon who is experienced, compassionate and invests in modern, proven techniques that improve patient outcomes. But how do you know when you have found the right surgeon?

Look For A Patient-Centric Model Of Care

A patient-centered surgeon places your unique needs at the forefront of their practice. You receive a full overview of treatment options, and you have the chance to ask questions and provide input. You receive a full, honest explanation of the risks, benefits and expectations of any surgery and you leave your consultation feeling empowered in your decision-making. Your comfort, health and surgical outcome will be the top priority for the surgeon and their staff.

Experience And Technological Innovation

Your surgeon should understand the full disease process and explain it to you. How your illness is likely to progress is a critical factor in deciding what kind of treatment is best. A patient-centered surgeon acknowledges when surgery is not in your best interests and provides alternatives. It is worth the time to find a surgeon who uses the least invasive and most accurate surgical methods possible. You should feel comfortable asking your surgeon about their background, experience and model of care. This includes questions like:

  • How many of these surgeries have you successfully done?
  • How often do you do this kind of surgery every year?
  • What do you consider a successful outcome?
  • What will my follow-up care look like?
  • What kind of surgical techniques will you use?

The Medical Philosophy Makes All The Difference

Dr. Danny Shouhed has extensive experience with GI, metabolic and bariatric surgery. His recognized authority in the field brings him many complex cases, and he ensures every patient is fully educated on their illness, options and outcomes. With the most advanced treatment and surgery available, he specializes in precise planning and execution of robotic surgeries, minimizing risks and using the most minimally invasive procedures possible. To book a consultation with a leader in the GI and metabolic surgical field, contact the office of Dr. Shouhed today.